Monday, March 8, 2010

One Full Day at Panther Springs...

So far, so good! Nothing very exciting short of I plugged in the toaster this morning instead of the crock pot. Fail.

My dogs and Amy's dogs are pretty much getting along. Whenever they're all in the house, I just stick mine in the back porch or the bathroom, just to avoid conflict.

Karma and Gio are both champion pouters and have spent most of the time on the couch, competing for title of Best Pouter Ever.

The kitties are not so thrilled with my dogs, but my dogs are... being reminded... why kitties rule the world.

I thought I lost Buddy last night, but he was just waiting for me patiently at the barn!

Millie has been barking at Gio and Shea- Gio has learned to avoid her, skirting the very outside of the room. Shea just takes the barking with a panicky look on her face and turning a cold shoulder to Millie (Its a very "I can't hear you!!! I caaaaaan't heaaaaar yoooouuuu!!!" type of thing). The only one who really isn't in love with mine is Bailey, and who can blame her?

I managed to make oatmeal.. and burn it. I have to put chicken in the crock pot tomorrow for them to eat- yes, Amy feeds her dogs oatmeal and various toppings- they all look great, but my dogs look at their kibble with disdain as I put a bowl of oatmeal with chicken thigh meat down for the others.

They're currently all outside barking at things. Its like being at the kennels!

I had a great ride on The Redhead this morning. She was totally ADD on the flat, so I had to really lay into her... it made her brain tick and then I was able to get some good jumping done! I had a big course set up again- Gracie had SO MUCH FUN jumping it. I think its the best shes ever done, honestly.

I had a really productive ride on Ari. I gave him a long, stretchy warm up to make sure he didn't have any excuses for not wanting to use himself. He was really fixated on the wooded end of the arena, and when he was cantering to the right, as he'd lose sight of the woods with his eye he would really have a hard time, he wanted to drop his shoulders to the inside and bolt, so instead of making him really bend to the inside and look away, I just focused on straightening him through his body and really holding him on the outside rein, almost a counter bend. That translated really well to our jumping, too.

As far as jumping, I made sure to have excellent upwards transitions so I had a good start to the gaits I was asking for. It made a huge difference. Shocking, I know. This is what Amy talked about in our last lesson- everything always makes so much sense in the space of a lesson, but having the tools in my toolbox to try to apply at a later date is invaluable.

Shasta had a cute little jump school today. He flat work was great- I didn't ask for anything new, just consistent and making sure everything was sticking. I trotted her around a little 2' course- she did a panel, the hay bales, two small verticals and a big x. I don't think she's going to be the next Brandy (though who knows when shes fit) but she is certainly a willing little girl. Her jumped is very inefficient right now- lots of up and not much out. Some gymnastic work will help that, but right now I'm just happy that she's going around and is game to go over what I point her at. She needs more fitness, front shoes and better flat work before I ask her to start going through grids.

Brandy was hot and heifer-ish. I decided not to jump her and focused on dressage. Her canter is really getting better- her trot work is much better but lacking consistency (story of her life.)

So my plan to eat chili on the porch with the dogs and a good book was thwarted since my chili was uncooked and I got back too late to do anything besides feed the dogs (a process all its own) and veg on the couch... so, here I am. On the couch. Vegging.

It was a gorgeous day today- I rode in short sleeves AND got a sunburn. Now rain for the rest of the week- but warm rain! That's better than snow, right?


  1. I say bring on the warm rain, it will make the grass grow! Half the time I don't even cook dinner for myself, much less cook for the dogs.

  2. Are you staying at Amy's? I would guess so considering she has 50 bazillion dogs. I was going to ask you to housesit for Hub and I over spring break, but I think we are giving up and staying home instead.

    I'm so jealous that you are able to be out enjoying the weather while I'm inside grading English papers. You suck.