Monday, April 26, 2010

A scene from the very end of Rolex.

Lets set the stage.

Megan, Hub and I were the only people who stayed through Sunday's showjumping, so I opted to ride home with them, instead of driving myself up, since I had a different time frame from everyone else.

Megan and Hub drive a ford F-150 with an extended cab, so the back seat is a little squashed, but certainly fine for a 3.5 hour drive.

Especially if you sleep through the first 2 hours of it.

Anyway, Megan and Hub have four dogs. The two heelers and Opal, the 3-legged catahoola-ish cross, ride in the back of the truck with the home-made camper top on it. Pippa, the JRT, is the favorite and rides in the cab.

Hub's truck had been left as his job in Springfield, TN, about 25 minutes north of Nashville, and my car was at Stacy's in East Nashville, so we dropped Hub off at his truck and then Megan and I headed towards my car in East Nashville. Stacy had gone to the barn with Carol and wasn't home when we arrived.

As we were unloading my goodies from under the camper top, Megan left the truck running and Pippa inside it.

I walked around to get my new coat (!!!) out from the backseat of the car and noticed a little issue.

Me: Megan, do you have an extra key to your truck in your hand, or your purse... or the back of the trucky... chance?

Megan: Uh... no. Why?

Me: WELLLLLL... I think Pippa may have locked the doors.

Megan tries all the doors and we exchange a "look." 

Lauren and Megan:

Megan: Well, let me call Hub and see if he has the extra key. He should be right behind us...

Lauren hands Megan her cell phone, as Megan's is locked in the truck.

Megan: ... so, what you're saying is that my spare key is ALSO in the truck? insert minor lovers quarrel

Megan: bad words deleted

Lauren: It's okay! I have AAA!

Lauren calls AAA and arranged to have them come- we are a "priority call" since we have a living animal locked inside a running vehicle. They assured us they'd be there within 40 minutes. I shudder to think if Pippa had been a child and not a dog. 

Megan and Lauren proceed to sit on the tail gate and eat Cheetos and left-over lunch meat and trail mix while cursing the world. At one point, we stand at the doors of the truck and try to get Pippa riled up enough to push a button to unlock the doors or open a window or SOMETHING. No luck. 

About 30 minutes later, Stacy and Carol pull up and we all have a good laugh.

And eat more Cheetos. 

40 minutes later, the AAA guy pulls up. He checks my card and my ID, asks what the problem is and proceeds around to look at the truck. He gives us a hard time for locking the poor puppy in the truck and we explain that she, in fact, locked us out. 

AAA guy: So you're locked out, huh? You locked that poor dog in the truck?!

Me: Well, actually, she locked us OUT of the truck, if you want to be technical.

AAA guy: Aw, POOR puppy.

Megan and I exchange looks.

Me: Yeah, yeah, just open the door and let us in, please?

AAA guy peers in the window

AAA guy: You know the passenger window is open.

Me: Uh-huh. Open the door, please.

AAA guy: No, really.

Me: Right. Start jimmying.

AAA guy gestures to the car. 

Megan and Lauren peer through the drivers side window and notice that, in fact, the passenger side window is now down. They exchange looks. Pippa has managed to roll down the window.

Megan and Lauren: many, many bad words exchanged

 AAA guy: hysterical laughter

I love life.  


  1. I love it - this will be one of those stories that you tell for the rest of your life!