Saturday, December 18, 2010

Denny's Goals for Kids

I love this! Of course, some of these aren't entirely possible, but they're interesting and we can do as many as we can, right?

20) Try to emulate Becky Holder`s total commitment to self improvement, a striving toward excellence that won`t take no for an answer.

19) Create the kind of bond with your horse that Dorothy Trapp had with Molokai.

18) Learn all about bits, and how they work, and the principles behind the various kinds.
 (Why do you ride your horse in the bit you ride your horse in?)

17) Whatever your sport, go watch the very best riders, on the very best horses, at the very best competitions, and STUDY, ANALYSE, and EVALUATE, what you are watching. Become a STUDENT of your sport, not just a dum dum, as a famous trainer says!
(Study, analyze and evaluate ANY riders around you! Ask questions!)

16) Try, try, try to get to ride an APPROPRIATE horse or pony, that will LET YOU MAKE MISTAKES, while you learn.
(Most of us are good, here!)

15) Study--really study---the great riders, so that you have a picture in your head about how whatever it is you want to do, should be done. Another way to say this: Acquire GREAT role models, whatever your sport.

14) Ride in races, either flat or over jumps.
(Okay, maybe we can't really do this, but...)

13) Breed and raise a foal.
(Y'all are on your own here, unless someone decides they want a baby at the barn)

12) When that foal gets older, break him to ride.

11)Try a discipline totally unfamiliar to you, or a breed totally unfamiliar to you, like, perhaps, saddleseat.
(We can do this, can't we?)

10) Ride Western if you ride English, English if you ride western.
(We can do this, too!)

9) Take your horse for a sleigh ride. (This is a toughie if you live in the Bahamas!).
(Weeellll... maybe Major will volunteer for this...)

8) Learn how to determine distances between fences by developing an accurate 3 foot stride. Then, learn ALL the math. Know the normal distance in a bounce, a 1,2,3,4,5 stride line. Don`t be dependent upon a coach to have to babysit you.
(This. We're all learning this this summer. Count on it.)

7) Ride in a 100 mile trailride or endurance race. Or at least a 50 mile.
(Yeah, maybe not this, but we can learn about it!)

6) Show your horse or pony in fitting and showmanship classes.
(This could happen... be ready for it!)

5) Teach your pony to drive.
(Maybe we can learn how to drive already broke ponies this summer... good learning experience, I think!)

4) Clean your own stalls!

3) Ride bareback enough so that you are completely comfortable, on all kinds of terrain, and at all gaits. And, while you`re at it, learn how to get on bareback.
(We're riding bareback this winter...)

2) Start to develop an "independent seat", so you don`t bounce at the sitting trot and canter. Too hard? Then try out for your high school ski team, or swim team,or wrestling team, so you can learn what "hard" means.
(Yep, you should ALL be able to do this eventually!)

1) Learn about sporthorse and racing pedigrees.
(You should learn about different breeds and what they're good for... not sure it matters about the stallions, but...)


  1. A great list of goals and learning experiences. I'm proud of how many I have checked off or planned for the near future. What a fun post!

  2. I'm having the hardest time with #16....