Friday, December 24, 2010

More of Denny's Goals for Kids

Who is this Denny dude and why does he matter?

“One of the 50 most influential horsemen of the Twentieth Century ...”
(The Chronicle of the Horse, 2000). 

The only rider to have ever won both a gold medal in eventing and a Tevis buckle in endurance. 

In 2006, Denny was inducted into the United States Eventing Association (USEA) Hall of Fame. 

Now in his 48th consecutive year of competing at the preliminary level or higher, Denny has achieved much success in the sport of eventing. 

With that...

38) Become the best ATHLETE you can be. Use all sports to jumpstart your phsical fitness and drive.
We could ALL benefit from a little more working out!

40) A fun one. Totally take apart a full bridle into its many parts, and put them on a table. Now, wearing a blindfold, put it back together.
Oh yes, we will be doing this. Just wait for those rainy weekends...

41) Learn a great deal about many different breeds of horses.
I couldn't get enough learning about different breeds when I was younger. I'm a wealth of useless knowledge about various breeds now. 

42) Learn the various parts of a horse.
More fun winter learning! Of course, we know all of these already, right?

43) Learn how to give at least an intramuscular shot. Work with your vet on whether you should give IV shots.
 This is a good thing to know, or at least make sure there is someone at your barn who can do it!

44) Learn various methods of getting even timid horses to load on horse trailers. Also, learn to drive a horse trailer, with horse, correctly and safely.
Another good thing to know, especially when we get so many craigslist type horses who don't know anything...

45) Learn how to use a dose syringe, whether "prepackaged" or one that you must mix up yourself, like bute tabs.

46) Learn how to clip a horse, full body clip, trace clip, bridle path, the works. (As in haying, expect to eat a certain amount of the by -product!!)
But don't learn this from me... because I'm horrible at clipping... (see Ari and Brandy's current clip jobs...)

47) Learn how to halter break a foal.
 Maybe we can borrow a foal...

48) Learn how to put on all kinds of wraps and bandages.
More winter learning...

49) Learn how to thoroughly groom ANY horse!

50) Learn how to set up a free jumping chute, and how to free jump your horse.
We can do this when the arena is done!

51) Learn how to pony one or more horses off the one you are riding.

52) Learn what screw in studs to use under which conditions, and learn how to put them in and remove them.
I'm working on this one, myself!

53) After any hard effort your horse has made, learn how to cool him out and get him to recover properly.
54) Learn how to gallop a horse, in balance, and at the appropriate speeds, both for conditioning work, and in a competitive situation.
We'll do this this winter, too!

55) Learn how to gallop a three day event horse over the steeplechase phase of a long format event.
I'm so looking forward to this part!

56) Learn how do deal with a horse in the 10 minute vet box at a long format 3 day event, between phases C and D.
Coolest. Experience. Ever. 

57) Start to stretch your limits---a little at a time---and it will stretch your self confidence. But push that envelope.
We've been hearing this a lot, haven't we?!

58) Ride a stallion. Alec Ramsey did. It`s cool to say (casually, in a matter of fact way) "When I was jumping this thoroughbred stallion the other day----"
It is pretty cool... but don't go looking for a stallion to ride, ride someone else's already mannerly stallion!

59) Play polo.
Broom polo when the arena is done!

60) Get your photograph taken with Mike Plumb, while the old fellow is still alive. It will be your one and only chance to be in a photo with someone who`s ridden in EIGHT Olympics!

61) Set up some sort of little business where you can make some money. Then you can take some financial responsibility for your passion, and not dump it all on your parents.
I did a lot of dog sitting and baby sitting when I was a kid!

62) Completely design and then set up show jumping courses, including lines with correct distances. Do it on paper, then transfer your ideas into reality on the ring.
This sounds fun, too!

63) Learn how to teach young or green horses to follow you up and down banks, through water, and over ditches. This desensitizes them from their fear/nervousness, so when you ask on their backs, they usually just go.

64) Learn how to operate all kinds of farm vehicles and tools safely, `Gators, Mules, weed whackers, skill saws, so if it needs doing, you can do it.

65) Teach your horse how to jump OVER, not into, a show jumping open water.
 We may have bad luck with this since our horses like to walk over tarps instead of jump them anyway!

66) Learn how to design and construct cross country obstacles.
If we build 'em, we have 'em!

67) Try to "make the riding team" at your school or college, as Bailey Sherran did here at U-Mass, Amherst.

68) Be there when a mare foals. Be able to help, if necessary.

69) Go foxhunting. Learn the traditions and etiquette. (Don`t pass the Master!).
Not for me, but good to learn!

70) Attend lectures on all kinds of horse related topics, like one by David Stackhouse on saddle fit and saddle making.

71) Volunteer at clinics, to set fences, fetch coffee, rake the track, whatever,

72) Learn the difference between correct and incorrect elements of equine conformation, hooves, fore and hind legs, and everything else, especially as it pertains to soundness and usability.

73) Again, like sleighing, not for those who live in Tahiti---- Take someone ski joring. Hitch the rope to your saddle horn, as I`m doing on Core Buff, or hitch to a harness, and pull yourself. Watch out for the snow plow!

74) Keep a diary of your riding activities. Years later, you`ll be glad you did.
At least write down what you did in your lesson so you can work on it when you're riding by yourself!

75) Always be sure that your horse has access to plenty of fresh, clean water. Especially check in winter that he can get at the water, that it`s not frozen, or too icy to get to safely.

76) Attend horse sales and auctions
It IS an experience... 


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