Monday, July 11, 2011

When dressage and music collide...

This is a crescendo:
It is defined as "a gradual steady increase" or "a climactic point or moment" and it's origin is Italian, meaning "growing."

How, you may ask, does this relate to dressage?

Well, I had a dressage lesson with Amy the other day. To the naked eye it probably looked like all we were doing was trotting around having an argument (Brandy and I. Amy and I don't tend to argue while trotting), with the occasional comment from Amy and the random exclamation of "GOOD!" or "THERE!" and a chortle of laughter from either one of us at any given time.

What was ACTUALLY happening is that we were trying to bring Brandy's dressage to the next level... you may remember me comparing Ari to a gobstopper... Brandy is not so much chipping away at layers as simply accomplishing one task and then adding the next and fighting things out until she decides that the "new" task is okay, also. Generally, it goes like this.

So, that is all well and good! Our dressage scores improve! We are competitive! Things are happy, pleasant and we're coexisting in a perfect little world!

And thennnnnn....
We go for a dressage lesson. And we hear that it's time to "ask for MORE!"

And this happens again:
And over and over and over again...
Until we have something like this... and it goes on, forever and ever and ever and ever...

And without a sense of humor and remembering where we came from... it would seem like a daunting, impossible and certainly not much fun task. But... overall, its fun to look in the rearview and see what we came from... but its more fun to look out the windshield and see where we're going.

Brandy is just a smart, opinionated, somewhat tricky little horse... but as we say, over and over again... "She jumps well, so it's okay!!"

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