Thursday, March 3, 2011

My horse is a Gobstopper.


Yes, you heard me right.

My horse. Is. A Gobstopper.

You know, one of these things:

I'm going to give you a cross section:

See all those layers? That outer green rim was general stiffness.
The yellow layer a couple down was unwillingness to go forward.
Further down, the white was lack of moving off leg...
Then the blue was "yes, you WILL JUMP."
Orange was moving into the connection.
Blue again was lightening the forehand.
We'll call the pink layer moving up to novice.
Adding some lateral work at the next white layer.
A little ring of blue would be settling on a bit that gives me some woah but makes him happy.
Then there is that REALLY BIG, off white layer before you get to the black dot in the center. See it? It's huge, right?

Yeah, that's where we are now. We're trying to chip through it. Unfortunately, my precious horse doesn't really seem to want to budge. If we can just get there, I think it'll be gravy, buuut... one of us may die in the process.

So, there you go. My horse is a Gobstopper. Someday, in the very near future, I would like chip through that last layer. I think I will have a whole new horse when we get there. We'll see!


  1. Love those things. Great photos. Great metaphor too.

  2. I think there are layers to the journey with each horse. The layers may be different in each but they all have their issues along the way. Good luck with that.