Monday, August 1, 2011

Wear your damn helmet, reprised!

Remember this post? About wearing your damn helmet? Posted April 27, 2010?

And how I mentioned Courtney King Dye, who'd had a fall and was recovering from a traumatic brain injury?

Here she is now. I suggest you watch the whole thing.

Here she is prior to her accident.

And here is her blog, that I follow. It's really fun to read, honestly. She has such a good attitude and reading about her therapy is always incredible- she has been doing mounted therapy and has switched onto a clients horse (I believe that is the story) that is a quiet but has dressage training, so she can start incorporating therapy with her passion.

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  1. I wear a helmet every time because I had 3 horses in one week do exactly what happened to Courtney. The one that I was wearing a helmet on kicked me in the back of the head as it got up and ran off. I consider myself very lucky to have not been seriously injured on any of those falls. I feel weird without one on now...