Tuesday, August 30, 2011


You may have guessed that since I have a bunch of students and clients and friends who ride, I've got a list of recommendations for my "go-to favorites." I usually know what is cheapest and of reasonable quality, but I definitely have become a tack snob after years and years of buying whatever I could afford, so now I know what hold up to abuse at a reasonable price and will last you much, much longer than the "cheapest" version- therefore making it worth the extra money you would spend. So, I thought I would show-case some of my suggestions in case someone is looking for a new piece of equipment to try.

So, my first FAVORITE comes in the form of breeches. I like wearing anything by Kerrits, their sizing is appropriate, their cuts flattering, their fabrics wash and wear very well, basically, their clothes are made with riders in mind. My favorite breeches from Kerrits are the Microcord Riding Breech in the knee patch style.
I have these in the full seat version, too, but don't like them nearly as much. (Incidentally, the Kerrits Flex Tight Fullseats I really like, just not in the humid TN summers- chafe city!) My favorite parts of the Microcord breech are the waistband- a wide stretchy elastic band in back, a v-shaped panel in the front- flattering AND non binding, plus it never flips down- and the fabric is thick, corded (again, flattering and long lasting) and they're cut slightly higher in the back. These are a little on the long side- I'm 5'9" and have to roll the elastic cuff at the bottom up, but being tall, I'm totally okay with that! These are the breeches I wear on XC and have considered getting a pair to wear for dressage and stadium too- the only thing holding me back is my hunter heritage- these are pull ons- no zipper- but they do have belt loops!

I just bought four pairs to replace my worn every-day schoolers, so I'll let you know next year how they're holding up!

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