Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super exciting weekend!

Amy came out to give a clinic on Saturday, and I think we ALL had a great time. I was super excited about all of my students improvements during their lessons, so I thought I'd give them kudos for their great moments:
  • Amanda on new horse Zara jumping 2'6" for the first time confidently (and maybe 2'9"!)
  • Shannon cantering jumps on Pumpkin flawlessly!
  • Leslie trotting over crossrails on Sam in good style!
  • Kelly starting to "put it together" on Scout and understand adjustability!
  • Jess understanding available energy on borrowed horse Clair, jumping 3'3" from a trot!
  • Kellyanne SOARING over a 2'9" oxer on 14 hand Pumpkin- both of their biggest jumps to date!
  • Olivia getting the right lead on Major on the first try! Lets keep it up!
  • Tori and Snickers keeping up with the BN group in the clinic even though she was nervous about it!
  • I should mention that Rion trotted over his first cross rail and we saw the first glimmer of "getting it" on his very last effort. :)
Special thanks to Amy for making it all happen!

Amanda and Zara!
Kellyanne and Pumpkin at their first show together a few weeks ago
Tori and Snickers over a big coop at Butlers Bend!
 I also heard that Miss Ansleigh had a great time at the clinic she attended today, jumping a 2'6" course on HER new horse, Classic, while little sister Diana rode Ibn around in the grass, and I'm assuming, cantered in the open! 

 We also tried a new horse for Hannah today, a super cute polka-dot pony named Apache, who we are hoping will be a good match for Hannah to event and just enjoy riding, and Hannah's mom to trail ride!

Plus, earlier this week, Julia had her first jumping lesson on Cowboy and he took to it like a duck to water! Look for his eventing debut this spring!

 AAAAAAND lastly, huge congrats to Panther Springs Riders at Flying Cross- Megan had a FUN, CLEAN XC on red-headed wonder, Mia and I'm told Stacy had a great, clean round on Doc.

Congrats to ALL my friends and students on a fabulous weekend!

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  1. What? No clinic pictures of the Pudgy Princess and rider? I heard she didn't even fall off. Exciting!!!