Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Many Adventures of Lauren, a pictorial guide.

I'm running on what's left of my one remaining functional brain cell, but I had to throw this up here really quick because I think it's pretty indicative of my life. Not everyone can have two such contrasting pictures posted of themselves within a few minutes!

The first is Brandy being a total freaking rockstar this weekend on cross country with me in the drivers seat.

The next is me looking awfully girly (self-applied makeup and all!) at my joint 27th birthday party with my bestie/roommate Robin. It was a super-hero themed murder mystery, hence the cape (and the girl decked out in fishnets and boyshorts in the background).

So there you go- the many facets of Lauren, in two pictures. 60% Bad ass eventer chick, 30% die-hard theatre geek, 10% girly-girl.

Birthday girls!

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