Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm so excited! Cedar Hills Pony Club in Pulaski has invited me to come teach a clinic for their pony clubbers. They're an older pony club, but have previously had some problems, and they're re-establishing under new leadership.

One of the new leaders is Rebecca Billard, who is the trainer of Lyra's new owner, Olivia. I REALLY enjoyed meeting Rebecca and Olivia when they came to try Lyra and I have been down to Partridge Hill, Rebecca's farm, a time or two since then. Not far from Partridge Hill is Colonial Hill, Eleanor Parks' farm, which has a new XC course with 18", 2', BN and up fences. It is REALLY nice to school there- I hope to bring my students a few times this summer.

Anyway, my clinic date is March 20 and Rebecca sent the flier out today after we got all the pictures, my bio and the times/prices sorted out. Here is her lovely flier:
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I'm really looking forward to it! I'm very honored to have been asked- maybe this will open up some new opportunities, too! If anyone is interested in having a lesson, contact Rebecca- I just got word that the clinic is already more than half full and she just sent out the email this morning! WOO!

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  1. This is awesome, Lauren! Congratulations. :) And I have to share that Raiffe is coming to visit me for spring break--*squee*--so excited!