Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter blues...

I'm sick of:
  • Mud
  • Poopy muddy ice balls in tails
  • Mud
  • Poopy muddy ice balls on legs
  • Mud
  • Standing water
  • Wiping my nose
  • Winter storm advisories
  • Numb fingers and toes
  • Two pairs of pants, three shirts, winter coat, balaclava, neck gaiter and hat 
  • Muddy boots
  • Taking twice as much time to get half as much accomplished
  • Scraping the mud off your boots in order to walk
  • Finding the holes in your boots when you're submerged past the point in mud
  • Mud, in general
  • Wearing a helmet over a fleece hat
  • Scraping the mud off your boots in order to ride
  • Scraping the mud off your HORSE in order to ride
  • Unblanketing to ride
  • The sores on my nose from wiping it so frequently
  • Reblanketing after you ride (soon to be followed by shedding season woes)
  • Mud under my fingernails and caked on my hands
  • Losing boots in mud
  • Near falls in mud
  • Filling the stupid bucket to fill the toilet tank because the water in the bathroom is frozen
  • Mud
  • Cold
  • Cleaning the mud off stirrups after you ride before you run them up
  • Taking boots off in order to go in the bathroom
  • Changing out of mud boots into riding boots/half chaps in order to ride
  • Trying to find a place worth riding in
  • Trying to make it all day at the barn without going to the bathroom so you don't have to fill the stupid bucket 
  • Having to go to the bathroom so bad you're crossing your legs because you waited TOO long and then having to fill the stupid bucket!!!
  • Mud
  • Trying to get warm once you get home
  • Finding the motivation to leave the house in the first place
  • Last, but not least.... mud. 
Today, Sam and I played chicken with the four wheeler as it was coming down the driveway. Abby veered before Sam did. Sam thought I was insane, but he held his course! Then he stopped for some kisses.
He obviously has huge issues with fear. 

Bo also gave Abby and I quite a show making sure he was EXTRA dirty for Anita and Jerry this evening. 

I will have to do a whole post regarding the barn dogs some day soon. Send me your best barn dog pictures!

Oh, and here's Jazz with her new haircut! When I get desperate for money bored, I offer to do extra things to make some cash keep myself busy- cleaning tack, trimming manes, cleaning sheaths- whatever. Amanda and Lynette asked me to do Jazz's mane and it came out a tiny bit shorter than Miss Amanda would probably like, but I LOVE it... and it'll grow back!
Plus, Amanda got a cute, new short hair do this fall, so only right that Jazz should match!
Amanda's cute new hair cut a couple months later, and covered by a hat, but I just had to post this adorable picture!

Also, one day, when I'm really bored, I'm going to keep my finger on the shutter of my phone camera all day one day and just snap pictures of things horses have spooked at.

Today I had to convince Skippy that the pond was not going to eat him. The same one we walk by every ride. But today... it had ICE!

I mean, I don't know if you've noticed, but its been really darn cold for a few weeks... that pond has had ice on it for a LONG time...


  1. Your list about sums it up. This winter has been so bad I have actually quit complaining about it (mostly). I gotta say that stopped Jason in his tracks. He's out searching for my body snatcher as I type.

  2. I wish that you would seek therapy about your hatred of all things mane :-)

  3. @Melissa- I've ABOUT reached that point, but I think I'm going to have one good temper tantrum first...

    Leslie- I LOVE manes. Neatly trimmed or pulled manes. It can be filed right under my compulsion about neatly trimmed as low-as-they-can fingernails. And they have a direct cause and effect relationship.

  4. I have a solution for your blues: