Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions


"Lauren, What do you do when its snowing/raining/too gross to ride?"

  • Nothing. I look outside when my alarm goes off, see that its yucky, turn off my alarm, roll over and go back to sleep. Then I wake up around 9, go sit on the couch with my computer in my PJs, eat breakfast at lunch time, feel guilty for not being at the barn (I have a really, really bad guilt complex- I blame it on being raised Catholic.), play on my computer, watch CMT (usually Nanny 911 and Wife Swap- I call it Birth Control and Why I Should Stay Single), occasionally work on my website/billing/sale ads, surf Facebook and my favorite websites. Then I usually cook something entirely unhealthy for dinner and stay up entirely too late doing the above things, over and over. 
  • When "nothing" gets boring, I go to the barn and compulsively organize my stuff, again and again. 
  • Two or three times I year, I clean ALL of my tack. (Okay, once a year. Whatever)
  • Run errands that I have been avoiding.
  • If its too gross to ride, occasionally I make the stupid decision to take my dogs to the barn to hike. Usually this is followed by doggy bath time.
"What are your favorite websites that you check, compulsively, Lauren?"
Blogs that I follow:
  • Team Taco!- Taco-the-Wonder-Horse and fellow Panther Springs student, Stacy, blog as they prep for the Training 3 Day this year!
  • Paradigm Farms Retirement- Melissa and Jason's daily adventures caring for some handsome retirees and a mishmosh of other animals!
  • Hillside Haven Farm- An inspirational and educational blog from one another of my Panther Springs buddies, Megan, about her journeys with Flo, River, Mia and now Pom Pom
  • Eventing Nation- Its like the New York Times for eventing
  • Small Frys- Facebook has let me reconnect with several of my camp buddies from Camp Lohikan, where I worked in 2003. Aliese was a counselor in the same age group and we've enjoyed keeping in touch with each other- she also has The Cutest Blog Ever, so you should go take a peek. :)
  • Misadventures of a Dressage Wannabe- New friend Amanda's adventures with her ever opinionated mare Gracie and her endeavors as an Equine Massage Therapist
Okay, so who's blogs am I missing? What educational blogs do I need to add to my Google Reader? I just recently discovered the joy of Google Reader. Until I found it, I was avoiding blogs like the plague because I had to remember to check them all. Not anymore!

So, leave a comment with your favorite blog!


  1. Oh, I would die without Google Reader as well. I just have too many friends and family apparently!! :) And yes, feel free to check my blog because it IS cute. As far as favorite blogs, I have SO MANY. Most of them are crafty and linked on my page if you're interested.