Thursday, April 28, 2011

My own Rolex...

Well, some big name riders/trainers are riding at the only 4* event in the country this weekend, the biggest, baddest event on "this side of the pond."

I, however, am riding my OWN Rolex mounts...

Snickers, the 14.2 hand cow pony.

In her owner's 16.5 inch saddle (which is exactly 1.5 inches smaller than MY saddle... and those are 1.5 VERY IMPORTANT inches, friends) with the stirrups of a 85lb 11 year old. I had to get off because my thighs. were. aching. (I had to school her though, since she was being a touch naughty.)

By the way, one of my favorite parts of being a riding instructor is when I get to look at my kidlets and say "Come here. Get off." I don't do it often, at all, but I remember having the same thing said to me a Bajillion times when *I* was just a wee child.

Here is said 11 year old on her pony, so you can see the more size appropriate combination. (Turn your volume down.)

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