Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Non-horse blog #2: About me!

Aliese suggested I do some "about me" meme's, so here are some good ones! Fancy HTML coding... when I was a kid, we just copy and pasted them, then had to delete the answers and fill them back in!

Ultimate 'About Me'

by Sooz_123
    001. What is Your Name? Lauren 002. How old are you? 26 003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace? General 004. What is your height? 5'8" 005. Do you have any siblings? Yep! One, my darling brother, Vince 006. What is your eye colour? Brown 007. What is your hair colour? Brown 008. Do you wear glasses or contacts? Glasses. I need new ones. 009. Are you right handed or left handed? Right 010. Do you have any piercings? Nope, got my ears peirced when I was little, but let them close up 011. Do you smoke? EW, no. 012. Do you swear? Uh, yes. Maybe a little too much 013. Do you get along with your parents? Yep! 014. Your heritage I'm 1/2 Irish, 1/4 Italian and 1/4 Lebanese. 015. Your fears I'm a horrible passenger in the car 016. Goal you would like to achieve this year I'm going training, dangit! 017. Most overused phrase on an instant messenger LOL- are you really laughing out loud? Really? I've replaced it with "ha" 018. Best Physical Feature Smile? 019. Your bedtime midnight, usually 020. What time do you arise in the morning? uh... I'm choosing not to answer this question 021. First thoughts waking up? "I. Hate. Morning." 022. Do you shower daily? Yep! It's the only time I'm warm anymore. This Or That? 023. Bright or dark room? Depends what I'm doing! 024. Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla 025. Dogs of cats? Dogs!!! DOGS DOGS DOGS! 026. Pepsi or Coke? Sprite. 027. McDonalds or Burger King? McDonalds because I actually pass them once in awhile. 028. Ant or Dec? I don't know what you're asking me, here. 029. Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea? Neither? 030. Cappuccino or Coffee? Cappuccino, for sure. In the last month have you... 031. Drank alcohol? Nope 032. Gone to a mall? Yep 033. Eaten a box of Oreos? Nope 034. Eaten sushi? Nope 035. Been on stage? I think yes 036. Been dumped? Nope 037. Gone skinny dipping? HELL NO. It's COLD. 038. Stolen Anything? No Have you ever... 039. Laughed for no reason? All. Thetime. 040. Been caught doing something you weren't supposed to do? Of course. 041. Been in love? Yep 042. Fired a gun? Not a real one 043. Been drunk? Nope 044. Been called a Tease? Yep 045. Been beaten up? Nope 046. Shoplifted? Nope What was the last.... 047. Furry thing you touched? I cleaned some muck from the corner of my trailer with my fingers today... 048. Thing you've said? Outloud? "Bye" when I hung up the phone 049. Song you've listened to? I Run to You, Lady A 050. (Who was the last) person you've spoken to on the phone? A guy who's horse we're looking at on Sat 051. Movie you watched? No Strings Attached. Freaking Hilarious. 052. Thing you were doing before this? Eating. 053. Time you cried? This pas weekend? 054. Song you've sang? Sugarland "Little Miss" 055. Time you looked at the clock? Uh... 056. Food and drink you've had? Fannie Mae Trinidad. YUM. 057. Flavour of gum you've chewed? Who knows. 058. Shoes you've worn? My winter crocs! 059. Store you've been in? Doctors Valu Vision Favourite... 060. Planet? PLUTO IS A PLANET! 061. Age you've been so far? I... don't... know.... 062. Season? NOT WINTER 063. Number? 15 064. TV show? Glee! 065. Flower? Whatever Random... 066. How much cash do you have on you? In the house or on my person? "A lot" in the house and "none" on my person 067. What's a word that rhymes with 'door'? Floor? 068. What T-Shirt are you wearing? Thermal long sleeved 069. What brand of shoes are you wearing? Socks 070. What did your last text message say? It was Nancy asking if I wanted to work in the morning 071. What were you doing at midnight last night? Reading 072. What's your current desktop picture? Same as the header on my blog 073. What's a word that you say a lot? "Really?" 074. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Pink 075. How is the weather right now? I don't want to talk about it. 076. What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? Smile 077. Are you too shy to ask someone out? Depends on the someone 078. Can you do a headstand (not using a wall)? Hell no. 079. Who would you like to see right now? Uh... 080. How many pillows do you sleep with? 2! 081. Would you go on a date with someone on MySpace? Probably not. 082. How do you want to die? I don't? 083. What do you want to be when you grow up? I'll never grow up! 084. What country would you most like to visit? Ireland 085. How many CDs do you own? More than I can count and I don't know where any of them are 086. How many things, in your past, do you regret? Not a whole heck of a lot 087. Do you think you are attractive? Yep 088. Do you believe in yourself? Sure do 089. Do you want to get married? Someday In a boy/girl... 090. Favourite eye colour? Blue 091. Favourite hair colour? Dark 092. Short or long hair? Long 093. Height? Taller than me? 094. Weight? Squishy.
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green your cool and calm... love nature and having fun .... your also smart and mysterious
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Your Vampire Name (Girls)
Maeve "intoxicating" You enjoy anything that deals with the arts or history. Your intelligent, wise, and you have the rare gift of balancing your emotions and your mind. You are a very aloof and secretive person and you have a hard time trusting others. Those who are lucky enough to be your friend are considered worthy of your trust and they are very few. But once you do open up you are a self-sacrificing friend. Men adore you for your originality, intellegence & independence and they love a good mystery.
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What Ice Cream flavor are you?
Strawberry You have a sweet soul.. and people like you and have fun with you.
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Belle Loves reading, loves any man as long as he's kind.
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Okay, there is my dose of adolescence for the next couple years!


  1. That was great! I actually love doing those. I laughed OUT LOUD at 75. I don't want to talk about it and 82. I don't? Oh, lauren, I'm snowed in and that made my morning. I wish anyone wanted to know that much about me!

  2. Love it!! Now wasn't that fun?? :)