Thursday, February 10, 2011


So, it snowed again last night.

We barely have 1.5", but it closed Nashville roads DOWN. It took my friends between 2 and 7 hours to get home from work last night. SEVEN HOURS TO TRAVEL SOME 30 MILES. It just came down so quick and everyone tried to leave work at the same time. Brutal. So, everyone has made it home safe and I woke up to these pictures, which does make me feel a little better about my choice to live in Nashville. Of course, if I lived in Northern IL, where these were taken, they'd have salt trucks. And snow plows. And HEATED INDOOR ARENAS. AHHHHHH.

Pics stolen from Miss Shofner, Amanda O and Craig S.


  1. Yikes. That's pretty chilly! I have been freezing with our unseasonably cold temperatures as well...However, we're not QUITE as cold as you are! (It's 25 degrees right now).

  2. I'm shivering just reading this.

  3. I'm sorry but I'm laughing hysterically at 1.5" being "snowmageddon". LOL. I need to move to TN.