Thursday, February 3, 2011

When spring comes around.

It was really nice out last Saturday. It was 70something degrees and the horses and people were all happy. I wore a t-shirt.

The lovely spring weather, you would think, would have a tranquilizing effect on the horses.


Not the case.

Brandy was a very good girl.

And then I rode 3 other horses. They were all... special.

Here are your clues.

Two chestnut and one bay.
Two boys and a girl.

And the pictures below.

 A big red cow.

 A llama on crack...

And a squirrel with ADD.

First one to guess the three horses and which picture goes with which gets a cookie.


  1. one bay.
    a girl.
    a llama on crack.

    Wow - you sneaked all the way to knoxville and rode Rosie ???

  2. Well, Ari must have been the Llama on crack. Other than that, I don't really know my options. :-)