Sunday, January 9, 2011

Facebook posts.

Sometimes I post a bunch of things on facebook in a short amount of time and then I think about how random I am and then I laugh at myself.

For example:

Gio has his medium weight blanket on and Shea is borrowing his no-fill sheet. And she look hilarious. Just sayin'.

Just remembered the incredibly bizarre dream I had last night where Beamer (the first horse I started for Anita) changed into a person and I recognized him instantly out of nowhere... Crazy much?
loves that my dogs not only cuddle up to me, but they also cuddle up to each other.

I'm looking for a dresser for my room- would like a white six drawer style, but am not totally picky. Anyone have anything?

Adam Porter's dog has the stinkiest farts ever.

Anyone need a sweet little boy beagle???

At least they're mostly dog themed?

1 comment:

  1. So you're the culprit clogging my news feed, eh!? ;) I actually rather enjoy a random Facebook status. They make me smile.