Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What a difference two years makes...

By some strange twist of cosmic fate, Megan, Hub, Amy and I happened to be all in the same place at the same time on New Years Day, so we did what we always do... ate food. We had a glamorous meal at the Subway in the Kangroo gas station.

Like I said, glamorous.

Anyway, in the midst of our hilarious lunch, I made reference to a picture that comes up in my scrolling photo screen saver first every time, since its the first picture in the first album in My Pictures folder and how ridiculous it is.

And I'm going to post it. Ready?

 Sept, 2008
Here's the slightly more hilarious part...
Not five seconds earlier, I FELL OFF when he refused this log.

Two years (of good instruction) later...

 Oct, 2010
Jumping around Novice (mostly) successfully.
 What a difference two years can make.
And its NOT that Ari was green or hadn't jumped bigger than that.

This is the year before the tiny log picture, jumping BN at Beech Grove.
 June, 2007
Which was before my confidence had sunk to rock bottom levels...

And then there is this epic-ness:
March, 2008
 Notice liberal amounts of mud from falling not once, but twice, that day.

 And since I'm posting old photos, I feel the need to post this, just for proof:
Yes, this is Ari jumping down into water. Willingly.


  1. Incredible progress and definitely something to be proud of. I hope my horse does half that well some day <3

  2. Thanks for the laugh! (in response to where you mentioned 5 seconds later falling off b/c he refused the tiny log) I think we've all had those periods in our riding life!