Monday, January 31, 2011

And the best part...

about lessons when you're out of shape?

The "good sore" you get when you know you've worked hard.

Also, I was told to put my heels down in my lesson today. Regression, anyone?

My response to that was to drop my heels in the most "eq princess" technique I could muster, trying to be a little obnoxious.

The response? "Yeah, thats good."


I now have shin splints.


  1. "Heels down" was hammered into my head over and over again when I was taking lessons while growing up. When I went to college I joined the equestrian team and the first thing the coach said to me was "don't put your heels down so much! how do you even have circulation in your ankles?"

    I was so shocked that I almost fell off.

    But once I got used to riding the new way, I found that my leg was so much more effective when it wasn't completely immobilized by my heel.

    Of course on days when my horse is especially naughty I resort back to jamming them down because otherwise I'd be airborne in about 2 seconds.

  2. I love that 'good burn'. I get it after an endurance completion or heavy duty bareback ride.