Saturday, March 19, 2011

Awesome lesson last night

I hauled over to Brownland yesterday to have a lesson with Amy. Megan and I rode... by the time we had our lesson the show rings had been closed since they were freshly drug, but we got to ride in the warmup and I'm just thrilled with Ari.

Seems all our hard work and frustration the past few rides has paid off, he was VERY good last night.

I suddenly find myself with a horse that I can PUSH forward into a connection and kick right off the ground. It is nice to be able to approach to a fence and be able to come forward or back into a "distance" that you can pick out 10 strides away.

And even nicer to have a horse underneath you that... if you see NO distance... you can just put your leg on and ride the rhythm and have the horse find the spot with no help from you.

Needless to say, I'm happy.

I had Nancy, Anna and Amanda with me, too, and they all had wonderful lessons. Nancy is developing an excellent relationship with Ben and Amanda rode with a look of determination in her eye I've never seen before. Anna and Murphy are putting all the pieces together and ready to tackle BN this year.

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  1. Awesome!! Glad you had a great lesson. Hope we actually get to meet up at some shows this year!