Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Food for thought...

I had two conversations with two different people this week about horse ownership. Just random chit chatting. But two things stuck out and have been bouncing off of each other...

The first was something to the effect of "And do you know why WE don't need therapy? Because we sit on horses everyday."

The next was a whole conversation about how owning a horse/horses is a luxury.

I agree with both.

But I'm not sure I could live without a horse or horses in my life. But, I could cut down considerably on my horse expenses, if I ever needed to.

So I say. ;)

(Photo by Robin Giannattasio) 


  1. Well Lauren, not to pee on your parade but I can think of a whole buncha horse folk that could benefit from a WHOLE BUNCHA therapy ! JMO ! LOL !!

  2. There are two halves to sitting on a horse - you have to listen to the horse. I know lots of people who climb on, kick and spur, curse the stupid horse, get off and drive away. I don't think it does anything for them. For the rest of us - it's magic.