Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A very Thelwell day...

I kind of felt like this today:

Not quite, but close.

I ride this adorable little pony named Pumpkin Pie. He is an appy pony and has a stubborn streak as wide as his porky little belly. He is SO fabulous under saddle though. He was a lucky buy off craigslist and has been super... aside from his minor stubborn streak.

So, I've got him started over fences and he will occasionally stop at something he's seen before and generally stops at things he hasn't seen before. Fair enough.

Today he was being really brave, so I pointed him at The Panel He Has Never Seen Before. He trotted up to it without faltering! Great, I thought!

I should add in, here, that I've roached Pumpkin's adorable mane because he has A LOT of it. Its grown out about 4 weeks worth, so there is kinda/maybe/notreally enough to grab, so I ride him with a neck strap.

So, we're trotting up to the panel, and I'm thinking "Don't jump ahead of the 14 hand pony with no neck, no mane and a tendency to stop!" And I didn't!

But then... I found myself no longer on the pony... standing on my own two feet, in two point position, standing in front of the jump with the bridle in my hands. The whole bridle. As the pony trotted merrily away. I literally looked behind me between my legs because I was wondering Where The Pony Had Gone.

I don't know what he did, but he did it quickly and stealthily. And I found myself pony-less.

Of course, I caught Pony by the neckstrap, put the bridle back on, hopped back up and trotted right up to and over the panel the second time. Figures.

We don't do THIS where I come from. ;)

Okay... maybe sometimes we do...


  1. Little devil! He is a pony.
    When I hear (generally non horsey) people at shows comment on how adorable the ponies are I find myself thinking 'you have got to be kidding! - most of those kids could get an elephant around a course after a few years on a pony!'

  2. I laughed so hard at this. Ponies are so evil.

  3. Thanks for the laugh! I love that he just hopped over it the 2nd time. Pony is a four letter word.

  4. BWAHAHA! That is amazing. I wish you'd caught it on video... :-)

  5. LOL this made me laugh a lot! How did he manage to get out of the whole bridle AND you simultaneously land on your feet in two point? This Pumpkin Pie reminds me very much of a very similar pony named Sweet Pumpkin Pie that my BM's daughter would take to shows with me. It was fun, she was my show buddy, but good grief that pony was just as stubborn as your Pumpkin Pie!