Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ari update

Seems like I never updated what was going on with the one-eyed wonder, so let me fill you all in.

Dr. Wooten came out two Tuesdays ago and localized his lameness to his ankle or foot. We blocked the foot and he was sound, so we decided to inject his coffin. I had thought the lameness was "high" as did a few others, so I was interested that his foot blocked, but I'm not the vet!

So, secondary to the lameness in the foot, Dr. W thought he may be having some issues with his suspensory (left), as he was dragging his toes, which is normal, but I see him so often, I wasn't sure if it had progressed to a point of abnormal. He suggested icing and surpassing (a topical anti-inflamatory) the suspensory for a week. Just in case, I did both.

After a week, I was to begin light riding again and just "see what we had." I rode him that Tuesday, in the grass, and thought "well.... better... but not good..." So, I iced him again, turned him back out and asked Amy and Megan if they'd look at him on Thursday when I hauled Brandy over for a lesson. Amy watched me trot two steps and said LAME. I kept trotting hoping she could help me pinpoint it, but it just wasn't apparent, though we all agreed it was a "swinging" lameness rather than a "hitching" lameness. Amy even got on and trotted him around for me to see. So... he's turned back out.

I buted him the last three days to see if that would show any improvement, but when I longed him today he was worse- although it seemed to me to be pretty clearly in his stifle- so I don't know if thats my over-active imagination or if possibly the bute loosened up the muscular pain which allowed me to see the mechanical problem. I did put a call into my chiro, just to bounce the situation off of him.

My plan at this point is to bring Ari with me and Brandy up to Lexington when we go for Midsouth. I will have him examined by Dr. Peters, Amy, Stacy and Megan L's favorite vet in Lexington. I'm hoping they will be able to eyeball him and pinpoint it rather quickly, though I may be just holding on to blind optimism at this point. He will be turned out the rest of the weekend at a layover facility so he's not making himself crazy in a stall on asphalt at KHP.

SO... think good thoughts for my boy... I'm hoping it will be good news! 


  1. You have my deepest sympathies, I hate dealing with stuff like this. Unfortunately I'm in the been there, done that club.

  2. I love you so much (And Ari) sister! I hope the vet up there can give you some answers. It is almost worst not knowing. When you know at least you can have a plan of action and make him the most comfortable. I will keep you in my prayers!!!!