Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Everytime I post a project horse prospect on my facebook, my brother says "I'll give you $100 for it. I swear. I want to co-own a horse with you."

I explained to him that co-ownership involves expenses. He decided, instead, that he would be an investor. So, he will invest 1/4 of my new horses purchase expense in hopes to double his money. (Which I will then, likely, steal to re-invest.)

So begins the adventure of Lauren, Vince and Anita's co-ownership of a cute appy gelding who will probably end up being named Poninelli.

I made a video when I went to see him, but my STUPID PHONE didn't save it, so that is all I have! I will pick him up next week when his coggins comes back.

He is VERY sweet on the ground, good in the roundpen and green broke. He's been ridden a handful of times but he doesn't seem like he's going to be hard to restart. He's SO people oriented! He's 6 years old, 15.3 and has lovely conformation and balance. He is a nice mover- nothing ground breaking but very cute.

He has big hooves to fill as, assuming Ari has a long layup, he will take his spot in the riding roster.

Name suggestions are coming in right now. I'm liking the "cities in Arizona" suggestion from Nancy, with Sedona, Tempe, Winslow and Hayden at the top of my list. (Mostly Sedona, but Winslow reminds me of Murray and Hayden is just too perfect because I would LOVE to name a horse for my dear friend David Hayden.) I also liked "Weather Dot Com" and my original pick was Connor. Anita won't let me pick a name until she meets him, but suggestions are appreciated!

AAAAAAAAND someone just suggested "There's an App for That." Which MAY be the winner. Barn name Android??  

Other excitement:
I got my new dressage coat! It fits! And it looks really nice! And it's machine washable! And its lined in grey! And the coat itself is navy! And I really like it!

I put my WHITE BREECHES in my garment bag. I feel like I've lost enough weight to wear them. We'll see when I get them on my body.

I also got a new XC shirt. It is not the color pink I love so much but it's technical fabric and isn't awkwardly short.

I stepped on the scale this afternoon after declaring this week a "dieting washout" and deciding to restart after the show this weekend... and found that I'd dropped below my goal weight! I've officially lost a little more than 30lbs. And that is WITH eating a lot of bread and ice cream in the last two days. Amazing.

Ari was Lamer Than Ever today. Which caused me to have a minor breakdown. Somehow, when I talked to Anita, I was quite calm about it. When I talked to Amy, she caught me at the worst of the onslaught of "omg my horse is so lame I don't even know what to do and I might just dieeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!" Probably NOT what she signed up for, but she did manage to talk me down and remind me that the lamer he is the easier he will be to diagnose. I just can't wait to get him up to Hagyard.


  1. "There's an App for That" -- barn name Mac!

    The name Winslow pops out at me for some reason among the others you listed. In any case, he's very cute. :)

    And congrats on reaching your goal weight!

  2. "There's an App for That" has got to be the winner!!