Monday, June 20, 2011

Stuff and things!

Ari's appointment is at 2 on Thursday, he would appreciate your good thoughts and my wallet would appreciate them, as well. Unfortunately, when you're as "in tune" with your horse as I am, you go with your gut feeling a lot, and my gut feeling has not been telling me the greatest things, so... lets just hope it all goes well.

Ari's enthusiasm for going back to work is overwhelming.
 Hagyard is an amazing place- Ari will be seen in their new Sport Horse Facility. He's going to be staying at Saddles and Sheets, where hopefully he'll be much happier than in a stall at the park. I asked if I needed to bring him hay and they laughed. He may not want to come home with me!

Other than that, Brandy and I had a... good...ish... dressage school today. Training Test B's movements just come up fast and that is hard for her. BUT she did all the things she was supposed to do, she just got a little flustered by the "lengthen, stretch, working, lengthen, working, HALT!" I think it may be in my best interest to do some of my trot work sitting. We'll see!

I had a lesson last week, Brandy seemed a touch sore in her right hind so she wasn't jumping as "bouncy-like" as she normal does- she was still game- OH was she game- but just not as sproingy as normal. I DID, however, knock another silly goal off my bucket list- we jumped upright barrels. In the middle of a combination, no less. It was the second fence of a one to a two stride line and I felt like she hunkered down so low in between that I was eye level with the pole on top of the barrels! Eek!

Aside from that, I have my "kidlets" 3 days a week from 9-1 at the barn. They're working hard this summer and having fun. They're all riding an "extra" horse for more saddle time and today they even swapped horses for a minute after their lesson was over.
Olivia on Murphy, Anna on Snickers, Tori on Jazz and Amanda on Major

We'll get them on each other's horses for a lesson, one day soon. :)

On Friday, I made them clean tack before their show on Saturday... four times I was asked "Why do we need a bucket of water to clean our tack?!" Oh. My goodness. REALLY guys?! REALLY!? They DID all get their bridles back together this time, so there's that.

We went to Walnut Trace and had an excellent day. We ended up scratching before XC because of the rain, but Amanda was leading her division before dressage with Tori in second. (YAY!) Snickers got BOTH leads and got a little bit round at the trot! Nancy and Amanda had a great move up with Ben and Jazz and Kelly and Tori both are looking more and more ready for BN. Shannon is getting itchy to move up to 2' with Pumpkin and I think he's totally ready- now we just have to get Shannon more saddle time and she'll be ready, too! Anna had another nice school at BN. What a fun day!
Hiding out under the judges stand, waiting out the rain!
YIKES. The weather is coming!
Adult Kidlets and drafty crosses.
ROUND pony!
Course walking!

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